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A heart warming, traditional beverage from the golden land of Rajasthan.

Only traditional foods have a way to nourish your mind, body and soul like no other superfood on the planet. Every bite we take codes our DNA at the minutest level and sets up the future gene pool; so imagine what eating a traditional food, that your ancestors have been eating for centuries, does to your entire holistic being!

Raab or Bajre ki Raabdi is my soul food; it instantly warms me a up on a cold winter morning, comforts my soul and sets me up for the rest of the day. In my quest to bring back traditional recipes to the Americanised Gen Zs, I am sharing this 3 ingredient recipe, which is easier to make than instant noodles.

Made with Chaas and Bajra, Raab is rich in proteins, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and also probiotics. Have it piping hot in winters or cool it down and add some yoghurt to make a nice summer drink. In fact, raab is a complete breakfast in itself, perfect for diabetics or anyone trying to manage their cholesterol level or even just trying to lose weight. If you have sinusitis or cold then just drink a mug of raab, wrap your head and sleep it off, let it work its magic, instead of popping antibiotics.

Another important thing I want to highlight here is that most people, when starting to eat right, replace white rice with brown rice, switch to multigrain rotis from wheat rotis, and also change sugar for jaggery, which is great but its important to be aware that you are only doing a tiny bit, what you really want to start with is getting mindful of the density of foods that you eat. For eg - having a bajra roti with dahi is not the same as having a bowl of raab.

Here goes the tiniest recipe in the world -


  • Bajra/ Pearl millet flour : 3 tbsp

  • Chaas/ Buttermilk : 900ml

  • Cumin powder : 1 tsp

  • Salt : to taste


  • In a saucepan, add in the bajra flour and slowly whisk in your chaas to avoid any lumps.

  • Put the pan on a stove on a low flame and let it simmer for 15 minutes, keep stirring regularly.

  • Add cumin powder and salt to taste.


Best enjoyed on a winter morning while warming your fingers on the mug.

For more such recipes and healthy eating tips click here. Leave me a message to work with me on your specific health concerns and goals.

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