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My Story

Why Integrative Nutrition?

Why Integative Nutrition?

My Story

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Hi, I'm Karnica Singh. I am a certified Integrative Nutritionist and a Health Coach. I empower people to take responsibility for their health and achievement of their personal wellness goals by motivating, inspiring, and guiding towards long lasting lifestyle changes.

I am your cliché Engineer + MBA business executive; an ace scorer and an overachiever; an ambitious and driven person; but..what is more important to know is that I'm a girl who once didn't believe in myself and used to be an overworked and stressed corporate employee...all of which, in early 2018, led to an autoimmune breakdown. Now, how many of you have ever been in situations where you've felt that neither the best of doctors nor any amount of medication could ever help you!


It can help with

Detox & Re-energize

Our lifestyles have heavily exposed us to chemicals, metals, moulds and parasites. Get to know your body type per the age old science of Ayurveda and be guided to adopt foods based on your energy type. See real transformation in your daily energy levels.

Glowing Skin & Hair

Beauty is truly and literally from within. You are what you eat, as the human body replaces its entire skin in a span of three months. Understand that skin is an organ and most acne is just inflammation caused primarily by nutrient deficiency, hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance and stress.

Gut Health

Restore your Gut microbiome for optimal health. Our gut is home to more than 70% of our immune system and produces 90% of serotonin (the "happy chemical"), regulating our mood, immune response and predisposition of weight gain. Be guided to regulate your metabolism and boost your immunity.

Holistic Weight Loss

De-construct diet and eat to love yourself up rather than to change yourself. Explore the concept of healthy body weight and volumentrics with 1:1 personal coaching for a lasting impact while understanding nutrition and nourishment rather than following fad diet plans. Discover the life changing power of real food.

Deconstruct Cravings

Explore constructive, mindful strategies for navigating cravings. There are many causes of strong cravings that can be precipitated by your emotional state, diet, physiological state, routine or surroundings. Mindfully acknowledge and fulfil them.

Stress Management

Learn techniques to manage stress in today's fast paced lifestyle without giving up on anything through personal coaching. Reinvent love and relationships, discern career congruency and quality of life, and tap into the power of gratitude and empathy.

Ayurvedic Apothecary



  • Online Integrative Yoga flow sessions, 90-min, Monday to Friday!

    3,600 Indian rupees
  • 45-min Private Online Sessions, 5 days a week, for holistic healing!

    9,000 Indian rupees
  • 8-week Nutrition Course empowers you with nutrition science.

    12,000 Indian rupees
  • 15-week program empowering sustainable achievement of health goals.

    21,000 Indian rupees

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