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My Easy Boozy Eggless Tiramisu

All desserts aren't created equal. And if you are watching your weight you needn't shun all desserts. It is just about establishing a balance and first and foremost watching your lifestyle over watching your diet.

It is the holiday season and we all want to enjoy desserts. I find two simple rules working for me, my family and my, make your own sweets and desserts with natural whole ingredients, don't buy from shops or bakeries..two, avoid desserts that involve deep frying anything or dousing it in sugar syrups.

With these rules, two of my season favourites are My Christmas Cake (click here for recipe) and Tiramisu. Even diabetics can incorporate a small portion of Tiramisu in their holiday meals, owing to its low sugar/ carb and high fat content.


  • Mascapone cheese - 250gm

  • Whipping Cream - 250ml (I use Amul)

  • Italian Ladyfinger Biscuits - 200gm (I use Vicenzovo)

  • Espresso - 1 and 1/4th cup (should be strong and very good quality, I use Davidoff, 2 tbsp)

  • Kahlua - 90ml (if you don't have Kahlua you could use a good quality dark rum. You may choose to not add alcohol, it just adds a depth of flavour though)

  • Vanilla extract - a dash

  • Castor Sugar - 1/4th cup

  • Cocoa Powder - 1 tbsp


  • Start with making some fresh espresso and allow it to cool on the side, while you whip your cream in a large thick glass bowl, till it forms soft peaks.

  • Add in the sugar and vanilla extract, incorporate well while whisking.

  • To this add your mascapone cheese and fold it in using a spatula, do not whisk.

  • Once your espresso is cooled down add the kahlua to it.

  • Take a 9"x9" baking dish; dip the ladyfinger biscuits in the boozy espresso for literally a fraction of a second and layer your dish. About 12 biscuits are enough for the first layer in a dish this size.

  • Gently spread half of your mascapone cheese mixture on the first layer of your ladyfinger biscuits.

  • Repeat the above two steps to form the second layer of each.

  • Dust the top of your dish with cocoa powder using a sieve.

  • Cover with a cling film and let it set for 5-6 hours; I like to let it set overnight.

Voila! Better than market Tiramisu is ready at home.

For more such recipes and healthy eating tips click here. Leave me a message to work with me on your specific health concerns and goals.

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