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"In life, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with" - Charles Schulz

Hi, in the journey of life, it has been my absolute pleasure and privilege to have walked a while with you, learning and growing, laughing and crying, enriching both our lives a little bit more.

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Yoga Practice

Restauranteur & a Girl Boss

Honestly, the program made me more mindful to what I was putting in my system. It has been an absolute pleasure being Karnica's student in my nutrition journey, and being on the receiving end. I appreciate her knowledge and work which has helped me understand how to listen to my body and mind in a much better way. I got into the course with a totally different mindset ,of just dietary needs, but I’m completing it with a full heart, a beautiful friend in Karnica and of course a much lighter body.


Lawyer & Avid Runner

The program has been very educative and a life lesson that not only I intend to live by but use it to build the foundation of right eating habits for my infant. I feel far more energetic, gut feels stronger, sleep is better and hair fall has also reduced. Karnica has been so flexible and accommodating during the entire program with my travel and erratic schedule. The ease with which Karnica explains everything week-on-week is really helpful in developing a new habit each week and make it all as part of lifestyle. The biggest takeaway for me has been an almost painless period after years of excruciating pain and popping painkillers every month.


Ops Business Exec & Yoga Enthusiast

The entire journey was a series of intensively eye opening knowledge of nutrition, health in such a well rounded way that all the suggested changes found their way so naturally into my life. It was so logical, seamless and actionable that I didn't have to struggle at all. I am automatically making much better choices. Apart from the obvious physical changes, it has brought about phenomenal mental clarity for me. I have found answers to the most crucial questions of my life. Grateful to the universe and Karnica for bringing grace and direction to me. I am now a joyous, clear individual..My life has a clear  purpose now, isn't that the best?

Yoga Practice

Engineer & My Kindred Spirit

Initially, my only aim to join this program was to lose weight and to learn how food can affect few health issues, specifically my auto immune disorder. But the 15-week program has literally changed my life and I can proudly say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Karnica has helped me not only get back control of my health but also of my life and my emotions. I have a lot of clarity on what I need to work on and I can do that without feeling guilty. I have a whole new perspective to life now. 


Flight Attendant & the most Grounded Girl

Had I not signed up for Karnica’s program I would have never found out that my biggest health issue was my gut-brain axis imbalance. From week one, she shared basics of nutrition and helped me address my mental health. Her content is precise and to the point. She is flexible and always open to suggestions making it a two way process, where you tell her if something needs to be changed. Karnica is very responsive and flexible to work with. She suggested some really good books, food recipes, supplements and products. All I can say is that this program was an eye opener for me and one has to have the curiosity and inclination towards learning or knowing more in order to benefit 100 percent.


Restaurateur & Animal Welfare Enthusiast

I joined the program 2 months before my wedding to lose weight. But during the program, I realised that being healthy is so much more than just losing weight. For years, I consulted dieticians and followed abnormal diet plans. It never gave me effective results, rather  made me weak from inside. Karnica's program beats all the cliches of a typical weight loss plan. It helped me know my body better, design my own meal plans, and made me feel empowered. Not only that, I discovered that I have gluten sensitivity. My blood reports got better, and for the first time in years I didn't lack any Vitamins despite being on gluten-free Vegan meals most of the time.

Yoga Practice
c2685650-b0be-480a-9363-fcaa52314124 2_edited.jpg

Doctor & Compassionate Mom

I started my journey with Karnica to reduce my stubborn postpartum weight. Karnica studied my body type, strengths & weaknesses, and accordingly supported my diet and routine which turned into a habit and eventually a lifestyle choice. I have lost 11 kgs and tons of inches on my 8-week journey.I have joined her Yoga sessions too and they are amazing! helps me keep my mind calm, body energetic throughout the day and keeps me in sync with my surroundings. May you keep enlightening and transforming lives...


(Late) Mrs. Vatsala Kalyanaraman
Strong, Spiritual & Inspiring Soul

Karnica is a complete package. Being a cancer patient, she addressed all my problems and treated me with utmost care. Her yoga sessions are excellent!

I keep recommending her to my friends and family.



Businessman & Yogi Spirit

From the very first conversation Karnica listened to me completely and never judged me and my thoughts. She not only taught me about nutrition but also how to practise yoga daily and answered even the smallest of my queries with an ease. In a span of 4 months, she has given me techniques and tricks that she has learnt over years. Karnica has transformed me and my thoughts! 

Yoga Practice


HR Professional & Blogger for Women's Cause

Karnica was able to trigger in me a new level of curiosity about the foods and lifestyle choices we make and their impact, riding me of my back aches and persistent tiredness. The program helped me build immunity against the recent COVID attack on my family - the main reason why I am so glad I engaged with her well in time.



Businessman & Fitness Enthusiast

I have been dieting for most part of my life. I told Karnica just two things - first, I don't want to lose muscle mass and second, I need to lose as much as possible in two months for a wedding in the family. Karnica said "my first priority is to improve your gut health and weight loss with happen automatically". Within 2 months I lost 7 kgs and the inch loss was so fast that closer to the wedding I had to start eating junk so that my new clothes still fit well :D



Professor & a beautiful Mom

When I started the program I was 84 kgs and now I am 67 kgs. Karnica has brought a whole new meaning to my life after postpartum. I had several prolonged mental and physical health issues which she helped me with simple food and lifestyle changes. She has given me a new way of living for which I will thank her everyday for the rest of my life.

Yoga Practice


Homemaker & Perfectionist

I have been on various kinds of diets with many dieticians but found it difficult to maintain my ideal weight. Karnica helped me understand proportions. She is very responsive on Whatsapp and e-mail, any time of the day. She is a great coach and the program helped me balance my meals, making it sustainable to lose weight without cutting down on calories. I know I am eating the best foods and still losing weight!



Creative Soul & Mom

Losing 7 kgs and more importantly losing inches of unwanted fat boosted up my confidence. It didn't only impact my physical health but made a significant difference to my emotional and mental health. I can't thank you enough Karnica; even now when I feel low, I go back to your Circle of Life tool to evaluate what's lacking and start with work in that area of my life.



HR Professional & Empath

Karnica makes being healthy easy, with the best of ideas, simple steps and effective results. Her vast knowledge complimented with the art of listening, to all that is on your mind, helps her open up her magic box with solutions to your problems. She is very supportive and available 24/7 with a quick response. She has shown me the easiest path towards a healthy life and I will always be grateful to her.

Yoga Practice


Educationalist & Mom of Two

I saw myself beautifully transform into a healthier and happier version of me, losing 8 kgs in the fulfilling process that helped me heal emotionally, mentally & physically. After the birth of my second child, I believed losing weight was the only way to look & feel better. I gradually realised the need to be mindful in each and every moment of life, to be happy & healthy.

Harleen Headshot.jpeg


Analyst & Passionate Feminist

The best Health Coach I have come across, Karnica is passionate about nutrition and easily integrates her knowledge with practical day-to-day solutions that make eating healthy easy and manageable. She focuses on sustainable lifestyle changes.


Banker & Mommy

It has been a great journey of learning, not just about foods but also about my body type and what works best for me. Her guidance on Mindfulness has brought balance to my life and diet. Now I actually enjoy eating. My acidity issues have gone; most importantly my PCOS is under control with hormones getting balanced. I could just go on and on listing the benefits of working with her.

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