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Golden Health & Lifestyle

Complete Transformation


This 15-week program empowers you to attain sustainable lifestyle changes, develop habits and achieve health goals you thought were impossible.

​   Duration      15 weeks

   Sessions     1 hour, per week

   Price             INR 21,000


From healing your gut to losing weight holistically, from reading food labels to pantry makeovers, from physical exercise plans to managing personal finances, from glowing skin and luscious hair to happy emotional health...accomplish it all with this comprehensive program. Live your best life today!

Achieve Health goals

Get glowing healthy skin

Manage stress & Gut health

Learn about macros & micros

Embrace Joy & Positivity

Course Overview

Week 1        Set your Goals & Detox

Week 2       Evaluate your Circle of Life

Week 3       Debunk Carbohydrate Myths

Week 4      Find the right Protein for you

Week 5      Go back to Traditional Fats

Week 6      Deconstruct Cravings & Kick Sugar

Week 7      Explore the science of Gut Microbiome

Week 8      Master the Micros for your body

Week 9       Read food labels like a Nutritionist

Week 10     Eat for your Ayurvedic body type

Week 11      Manage Stress & Regulate Sleep

Week 12    Understand the Bloodtype diet

Week 13    Get that Glowing Skin & Luscious Hair

Week 14    Harness the Power of your Story 

Week 15     Go Big! Live your best life today

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