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Integrative Yoga

Asanas, Kriyas,Pranayams,Mudras, Mantras, Meditation, Nidra


My Yoga Story

It all started because I just couldn't breathe, metaphorically and at times physically.

I meet a lot of people, also I used to be that person, who have 'everything' that is typically required for a 'standard' happy life - a great education, an amazing job, a loving partner, a decent house..the likes, but still never truly felt happy, there was always something missing, which I later identified as a purpose to my existence. 

Stress and anxiety induced by a fast-paced 'on-the-go' life can start to take a toll on the body as well. There was a point in time when I couldn't even sit because my lower back had just given up and that was when I was forced into Yoga by my mom. Isn't that all of us? we only start evaluating our lifestyle when living becomes difficult. But, as it turns out, Yoga meant so much more than just asanas!

If I had to use one word to define Yoga it would be 'Balance'...all ailments are disbalance between body, mind and soul, while all of health is eventually just finding your Balance.

And, whatever one might tell you about Yoga, it is essentially finding your Breath; moving with your breath, focusing on your breath, being one with your I can finally breathe...




Add 90-min of Integrative Yoga flow to your day, bringing balance to your Mind, Body & Soul while healing from the inside out and keeping agile, healthy and happy for life.

90-min Online Group Sessions

Mon - Fri | 6:30AM-8:00AM

INR 3,600/ month




Therapeutic private yoga sessions, customised to your specific health concerns with personal focus to feel empowered in your self-care journey and overcome challenges.

45 min Private Zoom Sessions

Mon - Fri | Time on Request

INR 9,000/ month

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