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Get Healthy!
-by Karnica


Get lean, confident and healthy the natural way, while empowering yourself with nutrition science

​   Duration     8 weeks

   Sessions     1 hour, per week

   Price             INR 12,000


Lose weight the sustainable way by optimising your diet for your body. Balance your digestive system and eliminate chronic digestive issues. Live healthfully and still travel and have a social life.

Tone up and feel healthy

Minimise digestive issues

Regain vital energy

Eliminate inflammation

Love your body

Course Overview

Week 1     Detox and heal your Gut

Week 2     Debunk myths about Carbohydrates

Week 3     Find the Right Protein for you

Week 4     Go back to Traditional Fats

Week 5     Explore science of the Gut Microbiome

Week 6     Read food labels like a Nutritionist

Week 7      Design your personal "Perfect Diet"

Week 8     Travel, Socialise, Eat Out & Get Healthy!

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