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How to find the "Perfect Diet"?

Some people are extremely careful about what they eat, while most have a very relaxed attitude about food and don't give a second thought before putting anything into their systems. Some people are healthy eating dairy and meat while others find it beneficial to turn vegan. Which is correct?

The bestselling diet books always contradict one another and the more controversial a diet the more copies it sells. Over time, people experiment, try all the fads, make mistakes and get to a realisation that #diets don't really work.

A tiger is never put on a vegan diet by the "tiger dietician", similarly a deer will never eat meat in its lifetime, whatever the situation might be. Human beings are also mammals and like other mammals instinctively and genetically know what is required to nourish their bodies and souls. But with time and the distractions of our fast-paced metropolitan #lifestyles and high-stress jobs, we seem to have lost connect with our own selves.

When it is not ok to tell someone who they should be in a relationship with (although our parents still do), or what music should one listen to and even what profession should one choose in life, then how it is alright to dictate what exactly should one eat in their day to day lives!

Here's a few quick attributes that you should look at and understand yourself before getting on the path to finding your "perfect diet".

1. Gender - women eat very differently from men and their nutrient needs are much different from those of men, not only in calorie count but also in the composition of #macros and #micros. People can get seriously ill when certain diets are forced upon them.

2. Age - you instinctively know how important age is as a factor to determine what and how you eat. Everyone has observed it, with time, with themselves and their children. There needs to be some serious re-evaluation done if in your 30s you are still eating like you used to as a teenager. Or, vice versa, not giving your teenage child enough nutrients to grow by feeding them the diet you are eating in your 40s.

3. Culture - People have a general predisposition to eat the foods that their ancestors grew up eating. A lot of us having migrated to metro cities and different countries still drool over the regional delicacies we grew up eating. Imagine putting the marwari people on a keto or paleo diet! what you get is a supremely frustrated bunch of people. I am from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, and just today my cousins and I were all discussing gatte and ghewar on our family whatsapp group. And, this group has people currently living in all parts of the world - from San Diego to Pune to Delhi. I think I've made my point.

4. Cravings - Your #cravings are a sign of the deficiencies you experience in nourishment of your body and your soul. If you are reaching out for a tub of ice-cream everyday after work, alone in your apartment, you probably are craving for love and care more than the actual ice-cream; you do not have an 'eating disorder', you have a 'relationship disorder'!

Craving for friend foods, when on a low fat diet, is more likely a deficiency of healthy fats in your body, while you might end up thinking that you lack will power, which is not true.

Learn to develop your own "Perfect Diet", get empowered on your health journey now. Click here and leave me a message to register for my 15-week Health & Lifestyle Program.

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