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Is overeating the cause or the effect of weight gain?

The real question is - Is it just about people's lack of willpower, motivation and strength that leads to laziness and being overweight, or is being overweight making people lazy, tired and hungry?

Based on research in food addiction and obesity correlation.

So why do most diets fail? Recent research has brought to light some evidence that answers why we are fat and how we can get thin. The age old idea is that it is all about 'Energy Balance - Calories In vs Calories Out', which translates to 'just eat less and exercise more'. But, here I ask you - are 1000 calories from broccoli same as a 1000 calories from pizza? You intuitively know this is not correct.

As much as we'd like to believe that our body is a closed system and must follow the First law of Thermodynamics, unfortunately biology doesn't work like that. Our metabolism, which defines how and when we feel hungry, totally depends on the constitution of our diet.

Food Addiction - the real monster!

It is important to address the phenomenon of Food Addiction to understand that it is not the same as eating disorders or psychological concerns.

These days most of us are eating poisonous levels of #sugar and flour without even realising it. Added sugars are everywhere - in our bread, so called "#healthy" cereals and yoghurts, protein bars, "real fruit" beverages and even disguised as sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, rice syrup, maltose, dextrose to name a few. Now, we have all read reports that sugar affects #dopamine, which is a pleasure neurotransmitter, and is proven to act like cocaine for the brain. Also, dairy and wheat have morphine like substances called casomorphin and gluteomorphin. All of these are termed as Food Opiods. They completely change our microbiome (a topic for another time).

How many of you have heard at least one person say, "raat ko roti khaye bina neend nahi aati", well, now you know why!

The science here is that there are certain kind of foods that make your fat cells #hungry and create #cravings. So when the wrong kind of foods comprise the majority of your calorie intake it eventually slows down your metabolism making you more hungry for these foods, hence starting a vicious cycle of weight gain. How this happens is that visceral fat cells get into an overdrive state and start storing more and more fat hence affecting sedentary behaviour and building insulin resistance over time, leading to cardiovascular chronic diseases.

We can safely conclude that it is Being fat that makes you overeat; overeating doesn't make you fat!

Inspired by words and works of Dr. Mark Hyman

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