World's Most Instagramable Coffee

Ok, 'instagramable' is not a word, but you get it. This is going the be the simplest recipe that'll make you look like the best barista on the block!


  • Coffee (duh) : 5-6-7-8 teaspoons of instant coffee, as strong as you like (I use Davidoff)

  • Sugar : 4 teaspoons (optional)

  • Milk : 2 cups (cold)

  • Ice cubes : lots

  • Water : 20 drops (count em, it'll keep you busy in these quarantine times)

  • Mugs/ Glasses : 2, preferably transparent

  • Fork/ small whisk : 1

Did you know coffee has significant amounts of magnesium, niacin and riboflavin (the B vitamins), and meta-analysis have consistently found that long-term coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of Parkinson's disease.

(PS: always happy to help you justify your coffee addiction)

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  • Start with adding the instant coffee and sugar to a mug along with 7 drops of water. Beat it with a fork till it comes together into a gooey paste.

  • Now add the remaining 13 drops of water and whisk away. Adjust the amount of water you add, your end goal is to reach a texture like whipped cream, till it forms soft peaks.

  • Take your pretty, gorgeous and transparent tumblers and fill them up 2/3rd with cold milk.

  • Add ice cubes till the glass is almost full.

  • Now gently spoon the your whipped coffee on the top.

  • Take a couple of pretty pictures for the Gram.

  • Make a Slo-mo while stirring it with a teaspoon.


Best enjoyed while sitting alone in balcony and contemplating life.

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