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My Summer Mango Pudding Breakfast

Indian summers are just not Indian summers without Mangoes. Here's a great way to eat them for breakfast while still getting your #proteins, #healthy fats, complex carbs and loads of #vitamins and #minerals.


  • Mangoes : 2, pureed (get the juicy variety. I used organic Bambaiya mangoes from Sattva Foods)

  • Almond Milk : 1/2 Cup (I used the Cacao Almond milk from RAW Pressery)

  • Chia seeds : 1 tbsp

  • Rolled Oats : 2 tbsp

  • Pumpkin seeds : 1 tbsp

  • Mixed nuts : 1 tbsp, crushed for topping

  • Sprig of mint : for garnish and freshness

Bambaiya mangoes, officially known as the Bombay mango, are a decadent variety that taste like Langda, have the flesh of Hapus and the colour and fragrance of Kesar.
They aren't too fibrous and puree incredibly well


The night before

  • In a glass tumbler, jar, bowl add in the chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, oats and almonds milk

  • Let is soak overnight in the refrigerator

  • Keep your mangoes in the refrigerator overnight to chill

The next morning

  • Juice the mangoes, take out all the pulp and puree in a blender.

  • Add the chilled mango puree with the jar in which your oats were soaking overnight

  • Top it up with crushed nuts and garnish with a sprig of mint


Best enjoyed sitting peacefully in your garden.

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