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My Wellness Tea Box has been specially curated considering the health challenges most of us face in our modern fast-paced lifestyle, viz. regulating blood sugar and blood pressure, keeping cool and calm amongst constant stimulus and sleeping soundly keeping our stress & anxieties aside.


The box comes with four different kinds of teas -


  1. Hibiscus Flower : it has sweet and tart flavours, similar to cranberries and has incredible benefits for the health of our hearts - in treating high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In many cases it may also aid in weight-loss, and prevent obesity.
  2. Moringa Leaves : it has a herbacious flavour when infused in water and a wide range of health benefits being rich in calcium, iron, vitaamin A and thiamine. Moringa lowers cholesterol and reduces the formation of plaque in arteries. It helps people with diabetes to regulate their blood sugar levels. It prevents one against inflammatory diseases by reducing chronic inflammation in the body while also helping in treatement of certain cancers and even Alzheimer's disease.
  3. Madhur Rasa : My cool and calming tea blend is a combination of desi rose, butterly blue pea and hand-pound cardamom to balance excess heat in the body, reducing acidity, inflammation and toxins in the body. Read more here.
  4. Nidra Rasayana : My sleep blend herbal tea is a combination of chamomile flowers, lavender buds and lemongrass to help our bodies wind down and relax. Read more here.


I recommend that you have Hibiscus tea in mornings, Moringa after lunch, Madhur Rasa in the evening and Nidra Rasayana at night before going to bed.


Pregnant and breast-feeding mothers should not consume these teas. Those already on cholesterol, BP or diabetes medication should monitor their blood sugar and blood pressure levels closely when consuming these herbal teas, as they have a natural tendency to reduce them.


Handcrafted in small batches, with love. Infused with healing mantra. Tested on friends and family.

No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this product.


Handmade products might vary slighly in every batch because they aren't made in a factory and use natural raw materials. The beauty of nature is in its imperfections.

My Wellness Tea Box

  • The Wellness Tea Box comes with -

    • Madhur Rasa - Cool & Calming Tea Blend : 20gm
    • Nidra Rasayana - Sleep Blend Tea : 20gm
    • Hibiscus Flower Tea : 20gm
    • Moringa Leaf Tea : 20gm suffice a month.

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