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Karna Purana is the Ayurvedic Technique of administering warm oils in into the ear canal. Ayurveda recommends using medicated oils to maintain the health of our ears. Infact the sanskrit word for oiling the body is called Snehana - to love thy body. Thousands of years ago, people of India understood the concept of self-care translating into self-love, which is making a come back in a big way in the west. 

Ayurvedic ear cleaning not only maintains the health of our ears but goes much deeper in addressing Vata dosha imbalances, since ears are the physical space where Vata resides. Performed daily, the self-care ritual of Karna Purana calms the Vata Dosha by bringing in warmth, lubrication and stability.

Putting 2-3 drops in each ear every night helps to -

  • reduce itching in the ears
  • reduce ringing sounds in ears
  • prevent ear infection
  • relieve headache
  • help heal vertigo
  • relax the neck and jaw


My specially curated recipes incroporates Sesame oil which was traditionally used in Ayurveda for its warming, anti-microbial and nourishing properties, along with the purest essential oils herbs and flowers which have antibacterial, antifungal, calming and soothing properties.


Handcrafted in small batches, with love. Infused with healing mantra. Tested on friends and family.

No animals or humans were harmed in the making of this product.


Handmade products might vary slighly in every batch because they aren't made in a factory and use natural raw materials. The beauty of nature is in its imperfections.

Karna Purana - Ear Oil

  • Wood-pressed sesame oil. Essential oils of Bulgarian Lavender, Blue Lotus, Sweet Basil, Clove Bud, Organic Thyme.

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