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Juice Up your Life, literally! - 4 reasons why

Raw living foods are life transformative and instil vital energy into your being. When you drink fresh juices 99% of the nutrients are immediately absorbed in the gut. Even the best of digestive systems have an absorption capacity of 49% max.

We've all been told and have read it everywhere that "Eating" your fruits & vegetables > "Drinking" your fruits and vegetables, and it is absolutely true, but what nobody tells us is that, that it is only applicable if you are living an ideal #lifestyle in an ideal world and following your ideal #diet. If you aren't a part of this subset of people then read on..

Nurture the idea that "you are what you eat (drink in this case)", and the more #raw and living foods you can feed your body the more life it instils in you. Indian cuisine is generally quite heavy on cooked foods, we even have curries of mangoes and guavas! I mean they are delicious and all but the point is to assess what % of our daily foods are really raw and high in vitamins and minerals.

The biggest epidemic we face is that our digestive systems are so weak and most of us don't have time to cook our food, so liquid diet becomes crucial to get sufficient nutrition. The additional, rather most important benefit of it is that it helps crowd-out #cravings by getting the right sugars and minerals in our system.

Here's 4 reasons to juice, and juice everyday!

1. Drink your fix of essential nutrients - get in the health benefits along with refreshing flavour by #juicing up the fruits and vegetables that you find difficult to incorporate in your daily diet. I see people struggling to eat beets and spinach in a salad while their concept of a "salad" is mostly restricted to eating cucumbers and tomatoes. The rule of thumb is that if you aren't eating two oranges, a pomegranate, a bowl of spinach, a beetroot, a carrot, a handful of lettuce, two cucumbers, a your daily diet, then please start juicing.

2. Get greens in your diet effortlessly - greens are the most missing food group in our daily diets. Green leaves are the best source of alkaline minerals, have many calming and anti-stress properties; and are the best source of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is nature's deodoriser! with benefits from neutralising bad breath, body-odour, menstrual odours to foul smelling urine and stool. You can say that - 'when you are green on the inside, you are clean inside-out'. A green juice (celery, spinach, cucumbers, mint, kiwi etc) will boost your immune system and energy levels while reducing #inflammation and improving gut health

3. Best medium to incorporate Superfoods in your diet - it can seriously be quite a daunting task to figure how to add in spirulina, wheatgrass, medicinal mushrooms, aloe and several of the superfoods into our meals. The easiest and the most tolerant (I'm sure you all agree that wheatgrass tastes disgusting) way to have #superfoods is by simply adding them to our daily glass of juice. Bam! all the goodness is now inside you.

4. Because who doesn't want glowing, supple and flawless skin - I just realised this should have been the first point, because the first thing that you actually feel and notice is your skin clearing up, even with just a week of drinking juices. Simply put, juices are like a facial from the inside out. The beauty industry in India is the eighth largest in the world with a total retail value of $ 14 billion; all just for cleaning dead cell and dirt from your skin and adding some artificial colour to it. Someday I shall start a petition for selling juices in Sephora because this is what will actually make your living skin cell layers healthy and add a natural colour and glow to it.

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